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Sound and Acoustics

Sound & Acoustics are a great pathway to improve the listening conditions both indoors & outdoors. It plays a major role as it helps eradicate harmful noise intrusion and vibrations. The accepted standard hearing range for a human being is anywhere between 20 to 20,000Hz. Human speech happens at frequencies of 500-2000Hz. You may find two levels of acoustic solutions-a) Sound Proofing and b)Treatment. Acoustic & soundproof solutions can be used to create a soothing and clarified environment and assists to build the intended goals.
  • Knowledge About Sound

    Sound is the most captivating thing to experience as we can find a variety of sound waves in our daily lives. Learn more
  • Basics of Noise Reduction

    Soundproofing assists in isolating sound and acoustic treatment assists to reduce sound. Learn more
  • Acoustics; Panels & Felt

    The modern and innovative acoustic solutions in acoustic felts & panels can be applied to create incredible & aesthetic designs Learn more
  • Solution to Workplace, Offices

    Noise has become one of the most common problems in workplace distractions. With acoustic & soundproofing solutions, this problem can be resolved. Learn more
  • Acoustics; a New Future

    Acoustic solutions will play a very key role in improving the quality of our life by reducing noise pollution and increasing productivity. Learn more

Senses Akustik Products

Soundproofing and Acoustical treatment demands have been increasing infinitely.
Our range of acoustic products will provide an optimal acoustic solution with aesthetic needs.


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Nature, Our

We have always prioritised human health and have been committed to protecting the same on our path to sustainability. Our products are built with nature-friendly raw materials with recyclable content.

Few Projects We Have Handled

Our Projects speak for themselves by portraying the brand value. It also reflects precision, craftsmanship and our purpose to be better every day.

Our Inspiration

We make innovative products to make this world a noise-free place. We challenge the status quo by designing our products beautifully, simple to use, user friendly and highly effective. The products we have been developing are based on the understanding of the actual requirements of our clients and also by considering the utility of the designs.

Our focus is to work on products that fulfil the acoustic needs and design intent of our clients. With the design-centric approach, we innovate our products based on the latest technology, i.e. desired graphics, shapes, moulds and other customisation methods.

Brands that choose Senses Akustik

With our years of experience, hard work and dedication, we have created an unrivalled reputation in the world of acoustic. We have served numerous prestigious clients with our bespoke acoustic products for spaces that require sound absorption, reflection or diffusion.

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