How can i order Senses Akustik product?

All the products can be ordered by phone, email or through area representative. Many products are available for immediate purchase from our distributors across the world.

We have different marketing tools to promote our products, for further information please visit our website or drop us as an email , we will get in touch with you.

Sales tax?

Yes. It is required to collect sales tax on orders shipping to globe.

Supply in sez

Change or cancel an order?

We intend to work post confirmation on technical drawings and other details , post that it’s difficult to cancel the order.

Return ?

Only if material received in damaged condition, defective or incorrect.

Brands that choose Senses Akustik

With our years of experience, hard work and dedication, we have created an unrivalled reputation in the world of acoustic. We have served numerous prestigious clients with our bespoke acoustic products for spaces that require sound absorption, reflection or diffusion.

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