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Acoustic Dividers

Acoustic Screens

Color Available

Senses Akustik Octa, an effect of acoustic ceiling products is enhanced by acoustic panels (100% PET, 60% recycled). Define the space and control acoustics at any Octa with grided layout configurations. These elements come in a range of pre-configured modules that ship flat packed and are available in 24 colors of colorline.
  • F-01
  • F-02
  • F-03
  • F-04
  • F-05
  • F-06
  • F-07
  • F-08
  • F-09
  • F-10

Material Properties

  • Easy to machine
  • Robust and shockproof
  • Very high colour fastness of the all-round homogeneous surface available in 24 colors of colorline
  • Alkalinity: pH: 7.8 (pH 7 is neutral)
  • Melting point: 250 °C
  • Decomposition Temp: > 250 °C



100% PET (60% recycled)


1200mm X 2400mm


Thickness: 12 MM (±10%). Weight: 7.2 KG Per Panel

Fixing System

Adhesives / Velcro

Light Fastness

ISO 105-B02-1994 (>7)


Class 1 or A

Smoke Development Index


VOC Emissions

ASTM D5116 (<0.5mg/m2/h)


100% PET contains no formaldehyde, biodegradable, VOC free, No chemical irritants, recyclable and free of harmful substances.

Component Kit

Senses Akustik - Screens



Cleaning and Handling

Surface Disinfection
Spray disinfectants can be used for rapid surface disinfection.

Surface Duster/Vacuum Cleaner
For dusting use duster or vacuum cleaner.

Sparkling Water
For slight contaminationation apply sparkling water to polluted area. Wipe carefully with a sponge.

Upholstery Cleaner
For medium contaminationation apply upholstery cleaner to polluted area. Wipe carefully with a sponge.

Material Finishes and Variations

Acoustical material is produced by felting 100% PET (60% recycled). in some colors, a beautiful heathering pattern becomes visible as a result of this traditional manufacturing process, and will result in natural variations in color and patterns from batch to batch and sheet to sheet.

Acoustic Performance

  • Senses Akustik 12 mm panel is ideal for high frequency absorption and achieves an NRC 0.55 when panel is directly fixed to a wall on base surface.
  • Senses Akustik 24 mm panel is ideal for medium and high frequency absorption and it achieves 0.80 NRC when panel is directly fixed to wall on a base surface.
  • The sound absorption has been tested in accordance with as/ISO 354. complete test report will be available on request.


Sound Absorption

  • 12MM Panel NRC= 0.45 (00 MM Air gap)
  • 24MM Panel NRC= 0.80 (00 MM Air gap)

Brands that choose Senses Akustik

With our years of experience, hard work and dedication, we have created an unrivalled reputation in the world of acoustic. We have served numerous prestigious clients with our bespoke acoustic products for spaces that require sound absorption, reflection or diffusion.

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